TERRA CUM PANIS, a short manifesto.

Supported by Nordisk Teatrlaboratorium/ Odin Teatret in Holstebro, Denmark, we are an international group of artists/ researchers from different backgrounds acting on creating mutual collaborations and investigations in the field of performing arts.

We are interested in the ecology of practices, in bodies in transit, in compositionist alignments. On practices of companionship. On building conversation.

We are looking at what exists in-between our practices, in between the ethos of our practices, to create new assemblages, new modes of thinking performance.

We are examining the transmission of knowledge from highly specialized techniques by dismantling them and looking beyond them.

How can we consider ‘responding to the sources we drank from’ a perspective that engages with the outside world?  Can we look at new epistemology of techniques which are born out of conversations with a broader socio/political/economical context

Where is the place of traditional and cultural performative practices in contemporary performance? Which strategies of dialogue can we create by dismantling the apparatus of technique?

How can we be bees? Embodying the unknown as a methodology of WORK / LOVE / ACTING

So, where exactly do we begin?