The third Cross Pollination Session

4 – 8 February, 2020 – Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, Holstebro (DK)

The third session was full of new honey, we worked with the themes of personal genealogy, objects and the tree of life.

There was a majority of new bees in the White Room at Odin Teatret, which was an interesting shift for us all. It is very strong to witness and support new people finding their own way into the CP work. This session also raised interesting questions on how to structure the unstructured work, how to welcome new voices into a culture that is still fragile and new, and in a way still un-examined and following an energetic flow that is hard to explain. How much then should the session be prepared and led, and is it maybe time to organise introduction sessions into the CP environment?

The bees will be buzzing around these questions, reflecting on the experience and sharing some of the honey with you soon.