. dialogue in-between practices

Cross Pollination runs an expanded, nomadic laboratory for the dialogue in-between practices, both scholarly and performance-based, as an integral and essential part of a politics of embodied research in theatre and performance. Cross Pollination was founded in 2017 by Adriana La Selva and Marije Nie and it is a resident group at the Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium in Denmark, home of Odin Teatret. The actions of the collective have been taking place in many different settings across Europe

. ecologies of knowledge

Many performers, theatre makers and researchers build unique and personal constellations of (embodied) knowledge about the art of the performer, theatre and its relation to society at large, with angles that challenge, inform and complement each other. In Cross Pollination, ideas, questions and thoughts unfold by passing through different minds and bodies. This process of exchange and transformation generates  ecologies of knowledge.

. Parliament of Practices

Established in Feb 2020, right before the pandemic, the Parliament of Practices (PoP) aims to create a space of exchange, dialogue and reflection for artists and researchers, while speaking from and through our practices. It offers individuals the chance to exchange, connect and reflect with peers in a spirit of curiosity and companionship. The tactics deployed in the PoP reveal and activate the connections in-between creation, training and research practices. It can be a space for dialogues with professionals from other fields and disciplines, like philosophy (both contemporary and historic) and epistemology, opening the question how we can relate our practices to broader social concerns.

The strategies of the Parliament are multi-voiced, co-created and flexible in form, and include work sessions, exchange platforms in various media, writing exchanges and performative events and exchanges. During the sessions, we aim to develop alternative modes of being, becoming-with and thinking together. We try to stay with the trouble, following the interlinking threads of engagement and entanglement. In this setting, the art and craft of the performer provides the ground level, rooting us in practical and embodied knowledge. From this position of deep knowing and practical research / experience, we can connect and extrapolate to other levels of social organization.

During the pandemic, the Parliament has explored online meetings, creating new dialogical and dramaturgical tactics for bringing our practices into hybrid space. The online Parliament will stay active, connecting individuals across distances and differences, and developing hybrid tactics for embodied practices.


Due to circumstances we are sorry to announce that the Parliament sessions will be postponed till January 2022.

We’ll keep you updated and hope to see you then.

The Parliament crew