. mission of CP

We develop methodologies and strategies of work based on the intertwining and exchange of knowledge from different backgrounds, providing depth, relational perspective and reflection to each. This work addresses the daily reality of many contemporary performers and researchers, whose work is often project based or freelance. This can easily lead to isolation and fragmentation and a disconnection with one’s own work, social context and personal history. This reality is shared by more and more people, also outside of the arts.

We understand that cross-pollinating is essential to keep creative artistic life alive. We acknowledge that one of the most important roles in the life of artistic authorship is to know how to cross from familiar worlds into uncomfortable, unfamiliar ones. Having this in mind we have assumed the role of cross-pollinators, always looking at the existing material in between our practices in order to see ourselves in a new creative paradigm.

However, Cross Pollination is not only about the creation of new knowledge. It is also about questioning how this knowledge becomes part of a communal body or house of knowledge, so that it can be both diverse and develop as ‘culture’ or ‘history’. What does it mean to have a dialogue between existing practices and performance cultures and knowledge when every performer is becoming a unique constellation of elements? How can a horizontal commons of creation give the structure to create webs of personal lineages? How can an invisible individual performer become visible and have access to an archive?