Here will come a list of media of the makers wor

Adriana La Selva (BE/BRA) is a theater-maker, a performer, a networker and a researcher. Adriana is working on a  practice-based Ph.D. at the University of Ghent in Belgium, in association with the School of Arts (KASK), where she is investigating contemporary performer training processes in relation to politics of embodied research.

Marije Nie (NL) is a tap dancer, performer, organiser, a musician with her feet. She is fascinated by the power and the poetry of steps, and their ability to navigate many different worlds. She received the Jur Naessens prize for innovation in music and continues to find new paths in music, theater and tap dance.

Gonzalo Alarcon (BE/CHI) is a clown, an actor and a teacher of acting. He has been working in the circus world for many years, mainly with the Belgian companies Hopla Circus, Pol & Freddy and Sitting Duck. He has a special interest in physical comedy and movement. His professional research focuses on the evolution of comic performance from the historical Commedia dell’Arte to contemporary circus and street theater

Jonas de Rave (BE) got his master degree in Jazz Accordion at the conservatory in Ghent, Belgium. He has been performing as a professional musician since 2004. His interest goes to world music, folk music, jazz and cross disciplinary performances with dancers or actors.

Sara Strandby’s (DK) artistic practice often takes form in the field between visual collages and spacious installations. She uses the language of visual art to create connections; connections between people, spaces and worlds of known and unknown, with the aim of impacting our reflections and accustomed beliefs, and making us active participants in our cultures.