Connect through your practice with an international group of peers from different disciplines.

The Parliament of Practices on themes of:
Speaking from Practice – Genealogies & Generations – Actions, Activism & Activism – Phronesis/What do we really know?

Dear all,

As the seasons shift, it’s clear that the globe is not yet free of the COVID-crisis, and our artistic, performative and embodied practices are still under a lot of stress because of this. Some practices seem to have almost disappeared or shrunk to the confines of our living rooms, others are struggling to survive in the hybrid digital world, or in the small pockets of proximal possibility that are left.

The Parliament of Practices offers for the second time a cycle of four online sessions. In this cycle we will continue to explore the four themes from the previous cycle. In the sessions we use (embodied) dialogue forms and interdisciplinary exchanges, and to open up the experience and knowledge of all practitioners.

As part of a Parliament tradition that brings our practices with us into the digital space, we invite you to share one minute of a personal practice.  

Below you can see the schedule with the new dates. We hope to meet you in the Parliament! For more information, please contact us at

Warm greetings, Marije Nie and Adriana La Selva

Ideally you participate in all sessions, but it is not required. Due to limited space and the sending out of the Zoom links, please let us know if you will participate and which sessions. 

Where: Zoom meeting link will be sent through email before the meeting.
When: Five Tuesdays between March 9th – April 27th
Time:  20:30 – 22:30 CET / 7:30 – 9:30pm UK Time / 16:00 – 18:00 BRT.
Optional informal extension till 23:30 CET / 10.30 pm UK time / 19:00 BRT.

9 March –  Introduction session (optional) 

16 March –  Speaking from practice 
⁃   What have you been up to in the past months?
⁃   Sharing from PoP working groups
⁃   How to move in and with the current trouble?

30 March – Genealogies and Generations
⁃   Personal genealogies and the general her/history – a shift in perspective?
⁃   Digital (work) practices and the notion of craft
⁃   Technologies and techniques – human and non-human

13 April  – Actions – Activation – Activism
⁃   Practices that go against the system / disrupt the system
⁃   Practices and trouble
⁃   Disruptions of our own practices

27 April – Phronesis/What do we really know?
⁃   Praxis / values and thinking wrapped inside the practices
⁃   How do our practices shape our being in the world?
⁃   What do you really know.. phronesis
⁃   Contemporary (work) practices